Sunday, June 26, 2011

This blog's conception...

If you have ever followed or read my other blog MommaMonster's Confessions, then you will know I have 2 perfectly wonderful fantastic children. I adore being a mommy. I can't even fathom anything on the planet as fulfilling and as wonderful as being a parent.
This blog is my personal journal. I don't have any plans to link it to social networking sites or really even telling any one about it. If you are reading this, then I guess I changed my mind haha. Point is, this blog will be pretty detailed with things that you may not feel comfortable reading. So this is your warning.
This is a blog about me possibly conceiving a 3rd child. I am currently in the "what-if" stage and I don't exactly have a sensor button so this is a place for me to express my entire journey. I will include things such as menstrual dates, possibly sex dates, who knows? Anything goes here and I don't do such thing in my world, I'm pretty much an open book. But if those things freak or gross you out, turn away. I'm sure there's a *cleaner* blog out there for you. In fact, my other blog is a great wholesome blog about me just as a mommy!!
Still reading?? Great, then join me on this incredible journey. I can't say it'll be all sunshine and roses, but I can guarantee my honesty and candor! haha

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