Wednesday, December 21, 2011

24 weeks 2 Days Pregnant...

So today was appointment day. It was loads of fun too..not, haha. The dreaded glucose test. UGH.
I failed my 1hr test w/my last pregnancy, but passed the 3 hour. I really hope I don't have to take the 3 hour one again. It's no fun fasting for 12 hours before your appointment, getting blood drawn, then having it drawn again every hr for another 3 hours, for a total of 4. WITHOUT getting to eat..oh wait, you do get a lovely sugary syrup concoction. Ew. It's 100 glucose inside the same size bottle as the 1 hour's 50 level. Just not good at all.
So, how it works for the one hour. I got my syrup at my last meeting. I had to keep it in the fridge until morning of next appointment. Drink it all within a  5 minute window 1/2 hr before appointment time, and then nothing in your mouth (no gum, water, NOTHING) for an hour. Then by the time you get to your appointment, they will get all set up for you and draw your blood.
My midwife was not there cuz a patient had gone into labor this morning, causing the appointments to be a little bit crazed. I finally asked at 11:30 (I had drank the Glucose at 10:28) if I could go pee, (I was also trying to hint that I was still in the waiting room and needed my blood drawn..kinda like a "hey! I'm here" type thing, haha) Well it worked, and the nurse (new lady I'd never seen) goes "Oh! Yes, here's a cup and then go straight to the lab" so I did.
She poked my arm and no blood. Dug the needle deeper (ouch) and barely a trickle. Then she starts moving the needle around while it was still in my arm. (Uh..OUCH) and my VEIN made an air escaping noise!! What the F$#%?? (you know the sound when you open a can of pop?? yeah that noise) It startled her too, you could tell and she took a deep breath pushed a bit harder, so blood started oozing all around the needle and down my arm. Finally I was like "yeah this is new". She looks down and goes, "ok" and cleans my arm off and threw the partially filled tube into the bio hazard box.
Thankfully, Sara (midwife) walks by. Nurse calls out, "hey Sara, you wanna draw her? I think I'm making her nervous" (huh? I think you are just freaking clueless lady, I was quite amused by you actually) Sara comes in and says, "sure" (by this point I'm a good 10minutes late on getting my blood work) Anyhoo, Sara does my other arm and poof, done in no time and no pain! Oi that nurse!
So next I go get weighed, but am so flabbergasted at the blood ordeal, my old weight flew out of my head, so I have no idea what I have gained. Next she tried to get my BP and said "uhhh we'll ask Sara I couldn't hear it" OMG lady! Seriously? She needs to leave the office, like really.
I go to exam room, listen to HB (ranged 140-147) and talk to Sara about various things, including how she is liking the new building (she just bought a new location and is proudly her own private practice now) She said everything sounds great, and she will call me with my blood results by Monday.
(so in the meantime I am gong to enjoy food!!)
oh, no one ever did my BP, we got chatting and forgot. Oops.
Next appointment Dec 30th for u/s to see Peep's heart.

Monday, December 5, 2011

20 week CheckUp

So today was the 20 week checkup
did basics: urine sample, BP (132/80) weight (gained 3lbs)..surprised it wasn't more, lol.

Then we went into exam room and I got to see Sara. I haven't seen her at all yet, just the dr. She's the Midwife. (they are the only two in this practice, btw) and we measured my belly. The same Med Student was there, as in my u/s and she was talking through each step. She was all "ok, so at 20 weeks, where should top of uterus be?" He answers and she goes, "yep, and if you measure from there to the pelvic bone at 20weeks she should be between 19 and 21." I measured exactly at 20, lol. She was all "well aren't you reliable" and then pulls out my u/s report. Instead of just telling me basics, she goes into detail about what each thing meant and how to read it, showing me and Med Student guy.
This was funny as well. She showed where my LMP causing EDD date was and all babies averages were which recreates a somewhat different EDD...but mine was exact. Then she shows him a percentile thing they keep track of, saying "no one is ever really 50% but this is where we look for ..ok, well she is 48.99% " lol. everything was measuring great and the word "normal" was all down the page, except in 3 spots. It was marked "unknown" and cause was "position of fetus" so they prompted me to have to come back in 6 weeks for another u/s. Apparently Peep didn't put herself in the position they wanted to see things clearly, so they are hoping once she's bigger it'll be easier to see.
Other than that everything looks good. Oh and i got the lovely Glucose drink in Hawaiian Punch flavor...oi. Never tried it but don't want to. It;s not the drink so much as fear of failing. I don't wanna poke my finger on a routine basis and monitor my food, lol. I'm not very disciplined at feeding myself  these days, haha. Sara said "oh and come Thanksgiving. Enjoy yourself. What is already is, might as well enjoy the holiday." LOL love her.

Oh! When I was sitting on the table and she comes in and says, "how often does your belly cramp and how badly" so I start answering and then stop and say "how did you even KNOW?" and she goes, "your urine told me. " then she goes on to explain how my body is in pain and passing white blood cells through my urine on a not-good level, especially considering I have a low white count anyway. (my body has issues making white blood cells) WTF??? how is that possible?? You can PEE out blood cells???? I had NO clue that was even possible...yes I'm a genius.
 My placenta is Anterior. In case anyone doesn't know what that means, it means my placenta is lining the wall of my stomach, so whenever she kicks/hits me it gets cushioned first before I feel it. So she has to really hit hard for me to feel anything, and that's why I don't feel her as much as my other two at this point. (I'm sure most of y'all knew what that meant though, just figured I'd throw it out there while I sit here chatting to myself, lol)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anatomy Scan/Gender Reveal

Sooo, the lovely time has come for me to share my super exciting news. Peep's GENDER!!! Eeek, this has taken too long and I'm SO glad it's finally here!!!

So how many of you guessed it??? Did you follow the gender games I played? Baking soda was right!! This lil darling has been named but we are keeping it hush for now. It's so insanely popular already, which is weird for me. I usually don't want anything in the top 50 at least, but this name is something Hubby and I both adored so... yeah, UBER popular name...oh well.

Here is how I told my oldest:

and here are a few pics of Peep!!

ok, loads of pics, :) Can't help it, it's exciting time!! They gave me tons
I shared the news with my family at my Nieces Senior dinner. I put "it's a girl" on a onesie and had my niece open it. It was VERY well received by all. Especially my sister. She had been praying for another girl in the family

Friday, October 28, 2011

16 weeks 4 days

So I just went for my checkup. BP was good, urine was good. I honestly don't know about weight gain. She typed it into her computer and before I had a chance to ask about how much I gained we ventured off topic. If I saw the scale right though (as her quick fingers slide the bars across) I am *thinking* I am up 6-8 lbs thus far. Not 100% though
She offered me the Quad Screening blood test, and I declined it. I am going to be seeing a genetic counselor soon so if they decide I need to do it, I will.
Dr checked the HB and found it pretty fast this time! YAY!! He said that Peep was "fun" trying to catch and already doing flips, ha ha. HB was 134BPM, so for that old wives tales it's a BOY, haha. (btw I redid the baking soda thing and it still says Girl)
I am anxious to know for sure. Just a few more weeks!!
Dr said everything looks great and he'll see me back on Nov 22nd for my next checkup. Woot!!
Super simple visit.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

15 week update

So I guess it's time for an update right? haha.
Best update is I felt Peep move for the first time, for sure at 14 weeks. I had been feeling lil light flutters/bubble popping for a little while, but refused to trust that. It still seems WAY too early in my opinion. After I got a call from my doctor telling me about my blood work and PAP (everything was perfect! WOOT!!) I asked her. She said that was totally baby!! This made me ridiculously excited.
M/S is gone. Appetite is here and strong! I love food and it loves me right back. I am still extra tired, but whatever. As a pregnant mom that still has hubby, house, toddler, and another child to care for, I expect tired to be a daily battle.
My boobs are getting heavier. Typical of pregnancy, but not typical for me already at this stage. Maybe Peep is telling me Breast is Best! (oh by the way, I applaud breast feeders, but have never tried it myself. I can't explain it, I just never could. I joked that maybe I'll try pumping with this one.... we'll see)
My next appointment is Oct 27th, so I'll update again and let y'all know how it goes!!
Thanks for continuing this journey with me!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Well Hello There Mr.Salad

Dinner time came around last night. Seems to come around at the same time every night, but I was unprepared for it this time. What would I fix? I like to plan meals ahead of time, but I didn't.
Time to get creative. I love this idea. I had chicken laid out. That makes life simple. There are only 789,987,099,095 ways to handle a chicken. I decided that I would create a marinade. I grabbed garlic gloves and started chopping. By the time I was done adding various things to the bowl, my hubby came in raving about the aroma pouring out of the kitchen. He told me to hurry with dinner because the smell was too tempting and he was about to drink my homemade marinade. I laughed and let my chicken soak while I roamed around figuring out what else to make.
Mac & Cheese. I didn't have any boxed styles, so I made up a simple rue, added some cheese and made some homemade mac and cheese. Then as an after thought I put it all into a pan, topped it with Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs and threw it in the oven. Oooh the crust was picture perfect (and no I didn't take a pic of my dinner...odd)
So the chicken ended up being Barbecued but with my marinade first which created a juicy goodness basic barbecue doesn't offer, homemade mac&cheese and a generic tossed salad. The salad was literally a bagged mix of iceberg, baby spinach, carrots and romaine lettuce. I topped it with Ranch and shredded cheddar/mozz blend.
Now, the point to this blog entry that is all about my dinner? The salad knocked my socks off! It was a simple add on for color on my plate and it was all I wanted. I took all this time, made this delish homemade food and I devoured the salad! Normally I am a salad person, but this was different. i couldn't get enough. It was INCREDIBLE. My family was raving about the chicken and the noodles and I'm looking to see if we have any salad left. My hubby could not stop laughing at me.
Guess this was all about Peep. Being pregnant is too much fun. I love that I am loving food again, but this was the best food moment thus far!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept 29,11 (head to toe physical+ HB scare)

So, if you are a reader here, you will know that my last Pap was traumatizing. I feared this trip because of having to get another Pap.
I went in, did BP (not sure) and weight check. I have gained 1 lb thus far, lol. Not bad for nearly 13weeks I think. Next came the dreaded words "Undress and the dr will be in" UGH
As soon as my doctor walked in the room I panicked. My throat closed and I couldn't speak, I only nodded at his questions. I have NEVER had that happen and it sucked. He offered me a Zanax, lol.
He did my exam and it was the way it should be. OMG, he is amazing. Yes it was pressure, and it was uncomfortable, slightly painful I guess too, but holy crap it was over so fast I barely had time to care in was in my personal bubble! THAT is how a pap should be performed in my opinion. He is amazing, no other way to describe it. I told him he has to always do my paps and he smiled and said "ok, not a problem"
Then he tried to listen to Peep's Heartbeat, but couldn't find it. He was concerned because at this stage in the pregnancy, the HB should be simple to find. He had me go to the U/S room to try and find it. Baby popped on the screen, but was only slightly squirming. He located the Heart and watched the beating for a few seconds. Then told me "Ok, see you in about 4 weeks" I was scared. Why couldn't I hear it? Why didn't he tell me BPM? (I asked and he said he wasn't very familiar with the u/s machine, but he saw the HB) I was still unnerved. I made my next appointments (checkup and anatomy scan) but kept my uneasy feelings.
SO the upside was my PAP was what a PAP experience should be, but the downside was panic over a HB and I still left the office feeling uneasy. Now I have to wait 4 weeks until I get to hear it for myself. HUGE sad face

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gender Guessing Games

So I have been playing some gender guessing games. I find them quite amusing and clearly for fun only. I would never reply on something like this.
The first one I did was based on heart rate. Since I have now seen and heard Peep's heart rate, I could finally see what "theory" says about it. I used this site here to check. I did both my LMP due date and my new u/s due date and got the same result.
The next thing I did was a Baking Soda guess. You put one teaspoon of baking soda into a cup, pee into another cup and pour your urine into the 1st cup about half way full. If it fizzes a lot, you are carrying a boy and if it stays flat or only sizzles slightly, then that lil bun is female. My result:GIRL
The third game I did was a Chinese Calendar guess, which you can find by clicking here. My result on this one was:GIRL
I will do the top one again later because it's suggested to wait a while due to baby's HR speeding up a lot at this point in the pregnancy and the results aren't as accurate. I may do the baking soda again just cuz,  ha ha. As for the Chinese Calender thing. I checked with Sebastian's info and it was wrong, said he would be a girl too. Uhhh nope, haha.
oh well, they are only for fun.
If you have done any of these, were they right for you? (after all, they have a 50/50 shot, right? ha ha)

Friday, September 9, 2011

U/S and (Maybe) new Due Date?

So today I had my first ultrasound. I will say I was a bit nervous because it was supposed to be a vaginal type deal. Ugh, ha ha. But I was still looking forward to seeing my little Peep and hearing the heart beat.
The visit was annoying at the beginning because everyone was running late. Office opens at 8am. Receptionist got there at 8:25am to unlock the door, which left me and one other family waiting in the hall. Their appointment was 8:15 and mine was 8:30. Well the u/s tech was late too. She didn't even get there until 5minutes until 9am. Nice, huh? It was frustrating, but truthfully I didn't have any other real plans so it didn't hold me up or anything. MY only annoyance was I was on time, woke up my sleeping toddler early AND had to have my MIL put my DD on the bus. I could have held out that extra 15minutes and put her on the bus myself, ya know? But alas I was diligent about being on time or early to my appointment. Ah, oh wells. I don't know the techs story or the receptionist so I can't be angry. Just slightly frustrated, haha.
So I get in there and she says "ok, hop on the table" I beamed! No comments about undressing from waist down?? Just hop on the table? Woot!! So she had me slide my jeans to my hips and raise my top. Then she put the "Jelly on my Belly" and instantly Peep was on the screen! It was incredible and made everything so REAL. I know it's real, but seeing the baby is just like "wow!"
So Peep is measuring a bit off from my EDD from the dr. He thinks 4/10/11 and u/s tech says 4/2/11. We aren't sure if Dr will change my due date or not, but thinking at this point he will. If he does, then you add my scheduled C-Section on top of that and I just may get me a March baby!
Oh and I got 9photos, but I'll only put one on here, haha. (Don't think you'd be to interested in seeing my ovaries or the yolk sak, hahah. )
This one is my fav cuz you see baby and HB (which was 154bpm)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9weeks brings annoyances/Note to followers

So MS is getting a bit better. I am almost human when up with my daughter now in the am.
now the annoying factor. MORE freaking insurance drama!! Holy Crow with insurance already. I have 2 prescriptions waiting on me at the pharmacy and they have been since Thursday. Insurance STILL hasn't approved them AND when I called, my lovely response was "Well we are still deciding if we want to cover it or not" WTF????
UGH...sorry for the rant, but am extremely annoyed.

Oh and I see I have a silent follower. I would like to welcome you to my craziness! Haha. Hope you enjoy my journey to meeting Peep!! I get to see him or her on Friday and couldn't be more excited!!
Thanks for joining me!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st OB appointment

So according to my dr I am 8 weeks 4 days with a due date of April 10th.
Yes, I finally got a Dr appointment. AHHH (and the angels sing) This was basically an All Talk kinda visit. They did check my urine, BP (118/68) and weight (yeah we won't go there, lol) and they said everything looked great.
Once in his little office, he went over our basic plan of what's to come. He said that he doesn't believe in VBACs because the risk of infection and harm to the mom and baby is too great. Then he went on to say that regardless of that information, with my history, he would only allow a repeat C-Section. He even went as far as to say if I felt I didn't agree with that, he could not be my doctor this time around! WOW. I had no clue he felt so strongly about it. I quickly told him that I agree and would prefer a repeat c-section and he literally thumbs up-ed me and grinned. Then he nods and says "great. I hoped so" Haha.  He said we will hold off further discussion until I am 34 weeks. He said he will not let me go past 39 weeks, which is our goal, but depending on how the pregnancy is going, he may take baby sooner.
Then he asked if I had any questions or concerns. I had 2. (and 1 confirmation)
1) I could smell my urine. (are you laughing at me yet?) I did twice before confirming my pregnancy and did a few times this past week. I told him this was new for me and wondered if maybe I had some type of infection. He smiled and said "First of all, i want you to relax and know that nothing is wrong with you" Then he told me that I was dehydrated and I simply needed to add some acid in my liquids. Try straight cranberry juice or orange juice.
2) My Pap. The last one was HORRID. I would rather have 15 natural childbirths than to ever experience that again. I bled, red and clots afterward. I was hurting and it was completely miserable. Probably one of the most painful things I had ever encountered (and I have 2 children). I was honestly scared to have another one. He assured me that he would do it personally this time (which he next to never does, usually that's where the midwife steps in) and make sure I am ok. Both mentally and physically. So I scheduled it to be done with him, and am still nervous about it.
My extra bonus thing: I told him how ridiculously tired and crampy I have been feeling and wanted to be reassured that it was normal. He said it was, but the type of sickness I was describing prompted him to prescribe a type of med that should help. I havent been able to get it yet, so we'll see. I'll be sure to let you know.
Fun schedule: they want me to come back September 9th for my ultra sound! This is to check dates and check for multiplies. I cant wait to see my little Peep!
I'll update as I learn more!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

8weeks + Love for my sister

Ok so I can pretty much sum up how I feel on a timeline. It's getting pretty reliable, unfortunately.
6am-3pm: Sluggish, nauseous, and irritable. All around blah (yes, that is a medical term, LOL)
3pm-5pm: Starting to feel human
5pm-9pm: Human, just tired, random cramping/headache whatever
9pm-5am: my best time. I feel more awake. (which is unfortunate considering this is sleepy time) heartburn may kick in now, but it's tolerable for the most part.

Now, time to spread some love to my sister. (She is older by 6 years, btw)
I have been feeling quite depressed due to how people have been responding to my pregnancy. I am really trying hard to shake it off but it's difficult. Hubby and I are thrilled and that is all that should matter right? Well, pathetically, I have been letting other things get me depressed. I am still working on that.
She came over the other day and we talked all afternoon into early evening. She kept mentioning Peep. She kept asking questions and being excited. It was so thrilling for me. Outside comments here and there with either my oldest daughter or hubby, I really don't have anyone I can chat with. This is very exciting so it was nice to have another female adult share my joy.
We even discussed names. My girl options are set, but goodness me I can not come up with a boy name for nothing! ha ha. Good thing I still have a while!

Monday, August 22, 2011

7 weeks

So I am now 7 weeks. My biggest complaint is exhaustion. How can anyone stay this tired all the time? My goodness. I guess it's true what they say about every pregnancy being different because I have never been this continuously tired and this is baby #3!
Oh as a lovely bonus, Peep has decided nightly heartburn would be a nice treat. Add that to the tiredness and occasional tingling boobs and I am one happy camper, haha. I don't think the MS really needs to be reported. It's there and doesnt' look to be going anywhere any time soon, so it kinda goes without saying.
Now that I have vented, I can honestly say: WHO CARES!?!?! I am so over the moon thrilled and anxious to meet this new little one. So what if I have all this crappy feeling right now. It is all so worth it. I fall deeper and deeper in love with this little bundle everyday!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Shall we call this Premonition? I don't know, guess we'll find out in 12-14 weeks!!
So Daddy naps Sebastian most days, and today he fell asleep along with him. He awoken in a jolt and was panicked. (He explained the whole thing to me later)
Turned out, he fell asleep, but woke up-in his dream. The time was appropriate for an hour nap. Sebastian was sitting in the floor with a little girl. Sebastian was about a year older and the girl was about 6ish months. He called both kids by name and said to be still, he was going to get mommy to watch them while he went potty. He yelled for me to come take over, but I didn't come. He went to use the restroom and when he returned, both small children where in the bed playing. He laid them down and they went back to sleep.
Then hubby woke up for real. And panicked because he didn't see his youngest daughter! Then reality caught up to him and he relaxed.
Oh and the little girls name he used in the dream was one of my top two favorite girl names!!
Hubby says he can not ever remember having a dream that felt SO real.
So, kinda funny huh? We both do not care at all which gender we have but if it is female, does this mean this was meant to be her name?? Especially considering I never told him how much I love the name!
We are SO not the type of people that rely on dreams, and stuff but this was too weird for us to not make a note of. This sort of thing just doesn't happen to us often!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So today I had to go to another DR. Apparently the 1st one I went to wasn't good enough to verify my pregnancy. Nice huh? My OB cost $175 to verify pregnancy. I preferred to skip that step if possible, so I went to a clinic for verification. Not good enough.
So today I went to another clinic and took a test. Holy Moly am I pregnant! Oh my! The lady was all "now it could take 5minutes for the results to show and even the faintest line is still positive" as she is dripping the urine drops into the test well. I looked down and gasped. The test line was dark before the control line is showed. Then in about 15-20 seconds the control line appeared. My test line was still darker. It was cute. The lady was so excited and adorable. She is all "Oh hun, you are SO pregnant! I have never seen a test this dark, " etc etc.
And then she prayed with me and Peep. And for our family. I don't know why, but I was so beyond moved today. Now, I believe in God but do not consider my self to hold an actual title. I'm not "christian" or "catholic" or whatever. I have never found my box I completely fit into. But I think I want to now more than ever.
I went to this location for verification for both of my other children. I have had them pray over me and my family both times. (This is a Christian organization), and now I had that for Peep.
For some reason I felt this was meant to be. I was meant to be denied by my OB for having a different clinic's paper. I was meant to go back here. Peep didn't have his or her prayer yet. I feel things will start looking up now. This experience today gave me a whole different outlook on life and I needed this. God really does show up when you need Him most. It's time I REALLY realize that.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

MS?? Nooo

I really hope I am not getting morning sickness already. I feel very queasy a lot lately and extra tired. I don't feel like eating, but eating helps. It's all so very stereotypical right now. Crackers, bread, anything Dr. Adkins would disapprove of, Peep wants it.
I have the standard book "What to Expect When You're Expecting". It;s a list of possibly pregnancy symptoms. Yeah I have them all! With baby number 1, I barely had anything the entire pregnancy. With baby number2, I had a few things here and there. This baby? Everything.
I hope this isn't a precursor as for what's to come. I am praying for an easy and healthy pregnancy like I had with my daughter!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Blog has been Revealed!

So I told my friend H about this blog. I figured that it would get out eventually, no need to keep it personal anymore. Besides I like feedback, lol
 Suppose this is just how it goes. One blog leads to another blog, ha ha.
This is still the candid version of my pregnancy. Some things may spill over from blog to blog (like u/s pics ) or whatever, but this blog's main focus is my journey from Mommy of 2 to 3. My other blog can handle everything else, lol.
So I hope whoever decided to happen across this one will enjoy the ride! I'm looking forward to it, that's for sure!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Letting Everyone Know!

So I made a shirt for Sebastian and had him enter the Grandparents kitchen. It said "Big Brother" on it. It took them forever to figure it out. I had to tell them. My mom already knew. She had been one of the people convincing me I was pregnant, haha
So MIL mustered up a hug after a few minutes and FIL has still yet to say anything really positive about the whole thing.  I am hoping it is still processing cuz he is my favorite and I don't want to upset him, but I am thrilled!

While we were out, I stopped by my sister's house and let them see his shirt. They all got it instantly and were so excited about it. I loved their reaction, so sweet!!

oh and here is how I shared the news on my other blogClick Me!!
and then I simply added that link to my FB page. I had ONE person from Facebook to read it. Shows who really reads my FB status, which is a bit upsetting cuz I see people online that I consider good friends and nothing. No comment, phone call, etc. Oh well, their loss!

OH and Baby was nicknamed Poppy because that is the size of baby when I found out. A tiny Poppyseed. Name is now Peep, because baby is due on Easter.

Sharing the News

Telling Daddy
So I don't think hubby has still fully processed this and I can not tell you his feelings.
I have been showing the tests since the 1st one. he has gone through this entire process with me. He doesnt like how faint the lines are. The clinic confirmation has helped him and he says he is really happy, but he is acting different than with the other kids. BUT they were comletely planned to. I don't know, maybe I am reaing to much into it. He told me he's happy, so I will have to believe him

Telling Skylar:
I wanted to think of a cute way, but I couldnt hold out long enough. I simply handed her my test and let her read it. lol. She was beyond thrilled and knew what it meant instantly. Simple way to tell her but it was great. It was one on one, just me and her and we chatted and I answered any concerns or questions. It was really special and it's moments like this when I can not believe how mature she is.


Wow! It's offical. I have a due date from a clinic and everything! April 9th (funny cuz everything online says the 8th but whatever)
So recap:
7/30: very faint positive than showed up fast but vanished after a couple hours
7/31: faint positive that stuck around
8/1: (at like 3am lol) light positive
8/1: Went to clinic and light positive there too!

First Reactions/4 weeks

So I have completed accepted that I am pregnant. I am so excited I could scream, but I won't just yet, LOL. I am waiting until I get it verified. I have told 2 friends.
 T was so completely excited for me and talked with me for 2 days about my tests, the vanishing aspect, everything. She had a bunch of questions and completely seemed over the moon. It was a wonderful reaction and made me very happy. She helped ease a lot of my fears and concerns. We even named this baby together lol. So considering baby is the size of a Poppy seed, the name is Poppy. T and I couldn't be more happier about Poppy!!
I also told my friend H. Her reaction was more subdued. She offered a polite "congratulations" and asked me who all knew. I said, "just us, T, and hubby" she said "oh" and that was that. Our convo's topic was changed. I tried to bring it back and asked what she thought and she said "I'm excited" and changed topic again. Truthfully I did expect more of a reaction like T gave, but it is what it is. Not everyone is going to be as Neurotic as T and I, hahaa.
Tomorrow I am planning on going to Dr and have it confirmed by a pro. I still have a HPT left so I will take that too, lol. I like watching my line grow darker each day. It's nice.
So, Poppy is 4 weeks and considered an embryo at this point and looks like this

Isn't Poppy going to be gorgeous??

Party of 5

OMG I'm pregnant. I really am. The test was positive today and it did not vanish. Jeff still isn't convinced because my line is light, but I have had several tweaks and not a single person doubted this test. And their are a LOT of naysayers on in the tweaking group.  omg omg omg, I am soo happy but soo completely overwhelmed and nervous. This wasnt planned. Yes, I may have kinda hoped for it, and anytime you don't use protection you are technically planning imo, but WOW. I didn't think letting nature take it's course would be so fast!! HOLY CROW
here are some pics of todays test
Taken at 4 minutes after peeing

Taken at 2 1/2 hours to see if it vanished again lol

An adorable tweak, love the heart!!
Ok, so I made this ticker and it says I'm 4 weeks and O days but technically I found out yesterday, lol. Not sure if this ticker will keep changing, so I want to write down what it was the day i got it so I'll remember
Loading Ticker...

Also I found this and think it's so precious

How Big is Baby?

Weeks 3 & 4*: Poppyseed
Your little zygote is settling into your uterus...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 5: Appleseed
Average size: .13 in**Major organs and systems are forming...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 6: Sweet PeaAverage size: .25 in
Blood is starting to circulate...
> More on what baby's up to

Week 7: Blueberry
size: .51 in
Baby's brain is growing fast...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 8: RaspberryAverage size: .63 in, .04 oz
Little arms and legs are moving like crazy...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 9: Green Olive
Average size: .9 in, .07 oz
A Doppler device might pick up a heartbeat...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 10: PruneAverage size: 1.2 in, .14 oz
Arm joints are working, and soon legs will too...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 11: Lime
Average size: 1.6 in, .25 oz
Fingers and toes are no longer webbed...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 12: Plum
Average size: 2.1 in, .49 oz
Almost all vital systems are fully formed...
> More on what baby's up to

Week 13: Peach
size: 2.9 in, .81 oz
Teeth and vocal cords are appearing...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 14: Lemon
size: 3.4 in, 1.5 oz
Liver, kidney and spleen are continuing to develop...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 15: Naval Orange
size: 4.0 in, 2.5 oz
Legs are finally longer than arms...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 16: Avocado
size: 4.6 in, 3.5 oz
Eyebrows, lashes and hair are filling in...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 17: Onion
Average size: 5.1 in, 5.9 oz

Skeleton is hardening, and fat is accumulating...
> More on what baby's up to

Week 18: Sweet Potato
Average size: 5.6 in, 6.7 oz

Baby's moving like crazy -- feel anything yet?
> More on what baby's up to
Week 19: Mango
Average size: 6.0 in, 8.5 oz

Vernix caseosa is coating baby's skin...
> More on what baby's up to

Week 20: Cantaloupe
Average size: 6.5 in, 10.6 oz

Boy or girl, genitals are fully formed...
> More on what baby's up to
Week 21: Banana
Average size: 10.5 in
***, 12.7 oz
Taste buds are starting to work...
> More on what baby's up to
Weeks 21-24 (Month 5): Papaya
Average size: 10.5-11.8 in, 12.7-20.8 oz

Nipples are sprouting, and face is fully formed!
> More on what baby's up to
Weeks 25-28 (Month 6): Eggplant
Average size:
13.6-14.8 in, 1.5-2.2 lb
Immune system is preparing for the outside world...
> More on what baby's up to
Weeks 29-32 (Month 7): Squash
Average size: 15.2-16.7 in, 2.5-3.8 lb

Sleeping and waking cycles are establishing...
> More on what baby's up to
Weeks 33-36 (Month 8): HoneydewAverage size: 17.2-18.7 in, 4.2-5.8 lb
Growth is slowing, and baby may soon descend...
> More on what baby's up to
Weeks 37-Delivery (Month 9): Watermelon
Average size: 18.9-20.9 in, 6.2-9.2 lb

Full term! Baby's finally ready for the outside world...
> More on what baby's up to

More info as I go along..... I'm getting pretty freaking excited, can you tell? lol

7/30/11 Brought Confusion

Soooooooo I took a test today. It was a very faint positive! OMG I couldn't believe it, I am in completed and total shock. I showed Jeff, so much for being cute about it! He said he definitely saw pink but wasn't totally convinced because the line was so light. UGH!! Doesn't he know a line is a line!! So I snap a pic (pic was taken about 4ish minutes after I tested)

Do you see it? Can you see the faint second line? (click on pic to make it larger, lol) I posted this on a test tweakers site and they all said w/o a doubt, this is a positive test! OMG! OMG! OMG!
Fast forward an hour, after I got offline from the tweakers. I went back to look and gawk at my beautiful test. One line...WTF?? How can that be?? Where did my other line go??? A negative test stared back at me. HUH??
So back to the Internet. Apparently you aren't supposed to look at them after 10 minutes because the test can potentially get wonky....well this isn't my first trip to the rodeo and all my other positive tests, STAYED positive. ugh, confusion sets in. Is this just a silly test? Is this simply setting myself up for a Chemical Pregnancy?? oi

Stay tuned, I shall try again in the morning.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 2011 Cycle Stats

Ok, so I figured, I would update this blog since I was doing my other blog and was posting how I shared the news with my other two children, and was getting all sappy.
I found this all quite interesting, so I figured I would edit and do my updates in orange.

7/12 to 7/16> Best fertile time, BD every day to every other day during this time.
(yep  we did dtd during this)
7/17> O day, best day to have sex, especially for a boy!
7/18> 1DPO, best have sex again in case of a late O, again best for a boy baby (dtd this day too)
7/26> Implantation occurs
(and this day but that wouldn't matter, lol)
7/27> Could experience Implantation spotting
7/28> Blood test would reveal hCG
7/31> AF due. Is she missing? TEST DAY!!!
* ok, so acording to this and the other information I read. Based on if I Oed on the 17th, like I was *scheduled* too and got pregnant I will have a girl, but if I Oed late I will have a boy! Interesting.

(btw this calculator goes on to say which days you should ahve sex to concieve which gender! soo funny. Maybe I should have checked this out in June, instead of when I am 9DPO, hahah) 


Estimated Due DateApril 8, 2012
Conception/OvulationJuly 17, 2011
Pregnancy TestJuly 31, 2011
Baby's First Heartbeat August 14, 2011
2nd Trimester Begins (Weeks 13-26)October 2, 2011
3rd Trimester Begins (Weeks 27-40)January 8, 2012
Quickening Begins (~16-24 Weeks) Between October 23, 2011 and December 18, 2011
Viability (24 Weeks) December 18, 2011
Pregnancy considered term if deliveredBetween March 18, 2012 and April 22, 2012
Gender Ultrasound (~18-20 Weeks) Between November 6, 2011 and November 20, 2011
MaternityStarting around October 23, 2011
You will need maternity clothes for:
Autumn, Winter and Spring

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Saw red this afternoon.
I just felt my heart sink into the pit of my stomach. I don't know why it's hitting me SO hard. I didn't cry or breakdown. I just felt like "it's not fair". I wanted this. I wanted this more than I knew. I felt a twinge of something this am when I took my final test and saw that BFN. But I still clung to hope. Not over at that point right? Is it even over now? I have had the same pad on from 3pm-1am now. got a streak of blood. So weird.

OK, so I'm not pregnant. I will just have to accept that. Toying with all the "what-ifs" were great fun, but now it's over. . No matter had badly I want one. I know logically I need to wait until timing is better. I am beyond blessed with the two kids I already have.
I know my 3rd baby is waiting for me as much as I am waiting and when the time is appropriate, we will meet.....I just hope that time is sooner rather than later...
Besides all this was simply based on otehr people getting me all riled up into thinking I was, when I knew better. I am not planning any children right now, so unless God has bigger plans for me. I will wait a while until I try myself

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3,11

Another day, another negative test.
I am now 3 days late which is SO unlike me. I am 27 day cycle reliable. Every once and a while I may have a 26 day cycle, but anything above 28 days just doesn't happen. Well it has before...and the reason is my son and my daughter. But I have never gotten a neg test while being pregnant either, so who knows what's up. Guess my body wants to be harsh and give me a crazy cycle. They do that from time to time. I'm about to load the pic and maybe even tweak it for shits and giggles.
Since we aren't exactly trying to get pregnant, I'm not sure why I feel kinda let down at these BFNs. Guess I just want this more than I realized. Then again, I think that's pretty obvious huh?

ok, so I have been playing around trying to tweak this, and am getting nothing. A pretty strong BFN, in my opinion.


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