Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept 29,11 (head to toe physical+ HB scare)

So, if you are a reader here, you will know that my last Pap was traumatizing. I feared this trip because of having to get another Pap.
I went in, did BP (not sure) and weight check. I have gained 1 lb thus far, lol. Not bad for nearly 13weeks I think. Next came the dreaded words "Undress and the dr will be in" UGH
As soon as my doctor walked in the room I panicked. My throat closed and I couldn't speak, I only nodded at his questions. I have NEVER had that happen and it sucked. He offered me a Zanax, lol.
He did my exam and it was the way it should be. OMG, he is amazing. Yes it was pressure, and it was uncomfortable, slightly painful I guess too, but holy crap it was over so fast I barely had time to care in was in my personal bubble! THAT is how a pap should be performed in my opinion. He is amazing, no other way to describe it. I told him he has to always do my paps and he smiled and said "ok, not a problem"
Then he tried to listen to Peep's Heartbeat, but couldn't find it. He was concerned because at this stage in the pregnancy, the HB should be simple to find. He had me go to the U/S room to try and find it. Baby popped on the screen, but was only slightly squirming. He located the Heart and watched the beating for a few seconds. Then told me "Ok, see you in about 4 weeks" I was scared. Why couldn't I hear it? Why didn't he tell me BPM? (I asked and he said he wasn't very familiar with the u/s machine, but he saw the HB) I was still unnerved. I made my next appointments (checkup and anatomy scan) but kept my uneasy feelings.
SO the upside was my PAP was what a PAP experience should be, but the downside was panic over a HB and I still left the office feeling uneasy. Now I have to wait 4 weeks until I get to hear it for myself. HUGE sad face

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gender Guessing Games

So I have been playing some gender guessing games. I find them quite amusing and clearly for fun only. I would never reply on something like this.
The first one I did was based on heart rate. Since I have now seen and heard Peep's heart rate, I could finally see what "theory" says about it. I used this site here to check. I did both my LMP due date and my new u/s due date and got the same result.
The next thing I did was a Baking Soda guess. You put one teaspoon of baking soda into a cup, pee into another cup and pour your urine into the 1st cup about half way full. If it fizzes a lot, you are carrying a boy and if it stays flat or only sizzles slightly, then that lil bun is female. My result:GIRL
The third game I did was a Chinese Calendar guess, which you can find by clicking here. My result on this one was:GIRL
I will do the top one again later because it's suggested to wait a while due to baby's HR speeding up a lot at this point in the pregnancy and the results aren't as accurate. I may do the baking soda again just cuz,  ha ha. As for the Chinese Calender thing. I checked with Sebastian's info and it was wrong, said he would be a girl too. Uhhh nope, haha.
oh well, they are only for fun.
If you have done any of these, were they right for you? (after all, they have a 50/50 shot, right? ha ha)

Friday, September 9, 2011

U/S and (Maybe) new Due Date?

So today I had my first ultrasound. I will say I was a bit nervous because it was supposed to be a vaginal type deal. Ugh, ha ha. But I was still looking forward to seeing my little Peep and hearing the heart beat.
The visit was annoying at the beginning because everyone was running late. Office opens at 8am. Receptionist got there at 8:25am to unlock the door, which left me and one other family waiting in the hall. Their appointment was 8:15 and mine was 8:30. Well the u/s tech was late too. She didn't even get there until 5minutes until 9am. Nice, huh? It was frustrating, but truthfully I didn't have any other real plans so it didn't hold me up or anything. MY only annoyance was I was on time, woke up my sleeping toddler early AND had to have my MIL put my DD on the bus. I could have held out that extra 15minutes and put her on the bus myself, ya know? But alas I was diligent about being on time or early to my appointment. Ah, oh wells. I don't know the techs story or the receptionist so I can't be angry. Just slightly frustrated, haha.
So I get in there and she says "ok, hop on the table" I beamed! No comments about undressing from waist down?? Just hop on the table? Woot!! So she had me slide my jeans to my hips and raise my top. Then she put the "Jelly on my Belly" and instantly Peep was on the screen! It was incredible and made everything so REAL. I know it's real, but seeing the baby is just like "wow!"
So Peep is measuring a bit off from my EDD from the dr. He thinks 4/10/11 and u/s tech says 4/2/11. We aren't sure if Dr will change my due date or not, but thinking at this point he will. If he does, then you add my scheduled C-Section on top of that and I just may get me a March baby!
Oh and I got 9photos, but I'll only put one on here, haha. (Don't think you'd be to interested in seeing my ovaries or the yolk sak, hahah. )
This one is my fav cuz you see baby and HB (which was 154bpm)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9weeks brings annoyances/Note to followers

So MS is getting a bit better. I am almost human when up with my daughter now in the am.
now the annoying factor. MORE freaking insurance drama!! Holy Crow with insurance already. I have 2 prescriptions waiting on me at the pharmacy and they have been since Thursday. Insurance STILL hasn't approved them AND when I called, my lovely response was "Well we are still deciding if we want to cover it or not" WTF????
UGH...sorry for the rant, but am extremely annoyed.

Oh and I see I have a silent follower. I would like to welcome you to my craziness! Haha. Hope you enjoy my journey to meeting Peep!! I get to see him or her on Friday and couldn't be more excited!!
Thanks for joining me!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st OB appointment

So according to my dr I am 8 weeks 4 days with a due date of April 10th.
Yes, I finally got a Dr appointment. AHHH (and the angels sing) This was basically an All Talk kinda visit. They did check my urine, BP (118/68) and weight (yeah we won't go there, lol) and they said everything looked great.
Once in his little office, he went over our basic plan of what's to come. He said that he doesn't believe in VBACs because the risk of infection and harm to the mom and baby is too great. Then he went on to say that regardless of that information, with my history, he would only allow a repeat C-Section. He even went as far as to say if I felt I didn't agree with that, he could not be my doctor this time around! WOW. I had no clue he felt so strongly about it. I quickly told him that I agree and would prefer a repeat c-section and he literally thumbs up-ed me and grinned. Then he nods and says "great. I hoped so" Haha.  He said we will hold off further discussion until I am 34 weeks. He said he will not let me go past 39 weeks, which is our goal, but depending on how the pregnancy is going, he may take baby sooner.
Then he asked if I had any questions or concerns. I had 2. (and 1 confirmation)
1) I could smell my urine. (are you laughing at me yet?) I did twice before confirming my pregnancy and did a few times this past week. I told him this was new for me and wondered if maybe I had some type of infection. He smiled and said "First of all, i want you to relax and know that nothing is wrong with you" Then he told me that I was dehydrated and I simply needed to add some acid in my liquids. Try straight cranberry juice or orange juice.
2) My Pap. The last one was HORRID. I would rather have 15 natural childbirths than to ever experience that again. I bled, red and clots afterward. I was hurting and it was completely miserable. Probably one of the most painful things I had ever encountered (and I have 2 children). I was honestly scared to have another one. He assured me that he would do it personally this time (which he next to never does, usually that's where the midwife steps in) and make sure I am ok. Both mentally and physically. So I scheduled it to be done with him, and am still nervous about it.
My extra bonus thing: I told him how ridiculously tired and crampy I have been feeling and wanted to be reassured that it was normal. He said it was, but the type of sickness I was describing prompted him to prescribe a type of med that should help. I havent been able to get it yet, so we'll see. I'll be sure to let you know.
Fun schedule: they want me to come back September 9th for my ultra sound! This is to check dates and check for multiplies. I cant wait to see my little Peep!
I'll update as I learn more!
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