Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Braxton Hicks?

ok yes. I am on my THIRD pregnancy, and I really should know this. But I never really experienced Braxton Hicks Contractions before. I had some tightening or cramping with my little boy, but I don't think that is what it was. With him it was more localized and slightly painful. Today however, I do believe it was true Braxton Hicks because it was more all over.
My entire belly would get tense and crazy hard for about 30seconds to a minute, ease up and then it'd do it again a few minutes later. It wasn't painful at all but you were definitely aware it was happening. Skylar even felt my belly at one point and asked why it was so tight and hard. I got them off and on all day, but again, nothing painful and I'm not at all worried about it. I'm sure they are basic BH and my body is just doing what it feels it should be doing.
Interesting stuff,haha

30 Week CheckUp

Today was very basic.
weight check (up 2more lbs, haha), urine is fine, Bp is 124/80 (lil high for me, but ok) and I was approved Prilosec for my never ending heartburn. He told me to give it a week and then we'll revisit the issue if it doesn't ease up. I'm measuring great and on schedule. Heard her HB but it didn't tell me BPM.
He looked for her HB at my belly button at first and didn't find it. The he gave a "look" and put the Doppler by my ribs and found it. DR smiled and said "yeah thought so, she's upside down" He felt around for her position and declared her to be head in ribs, feet toward my private. Ahh good times, haha. Other than that everything is what it should be and I'll be back in 2 weeks.
*as for scheduling my surgery, the hospital said they would rather wait and do that around 34 weeks*

Monday, January 23, 2012


Today I am going to do a questionnaire I "borrowed" from another blog I read. To see hers you can CLICK HERE

When are you due: April 8th. (Easter) Skylar's bday is the 24th, Mom's is the 20th.. wow. BUT the OB is saying we should plan on scheduling about a week early (MIL's bday is March 30th)..oi

How many weeks are you: 29 weeks 1 Day

Was this planned or unplanned: You read this blog you judge, lol. It was me basically saying "I don't wanna schedule sex for a while, I wanna enjoy my husband." (Did Natural Family Planning for 10 years, this is what happens if you skimp on dates for a couple months, lol) But we couldn't be happier about it!! I'm super excited!!

How much weight gained: At my 28th week checkup I was up 15pounds

Do you wear maternity clothes: Not really. I don't have true "mat clothes" and I can still wear my tops and have a few pairs of jeans hanging on. I expect this to all end very soon, haha 

Is this your first pregnancy?: Nope, my 3rd!!

Latest food craving: Chocolate, omg I want chocolate all the time. I just really like to eat, haha. I enjoy everything

Your top two name choices or baby's name: Peep! Skylar named her that due to her being due on Easter. She knows her real name though, but it's not going public at this time. It's a name we considered with Sebastian, so those that know me in real life..There's your hint!

Worst Thing about being pregnant: Heartburn!!! I am currently *enjoying* some right now!! UGH. I have had WAY too much of this pregnancy.

Best Thing about being pregnant: I think every pregnant lady will agree. The fetal movement HAS to be the best part, especially when you can actually SEE your belly move. OMG incredible. I am decently sure this is our last lil monster, so I am soaking in as much as possible. (My anterior placenta makes this hard for me, so it's extra enjoyable when I get to feel/see her movements) 

The first person you told was: My friend Tasha. She may be a buddy I met online but I love her to pieces and she kinda went through this entire experience with me..via the web, lol..

Are you more scared or excited: Definitely excited, as far as having my baby goes. If this question is for labor/delivery I'm nervous about the spinal. Had BAD experiences in the past with bad spinals/lumbar punctures/etc so needles entering my back totally freak me out. I'm having a repeat C-Section, so I pretty much know what to expect and that isn't a highlight that's for sure.

Happy or mostly moody: The same. I asked several people before answering this and the all tell me I'm generally the same person. Good ole hubby chimed in that I am a little more honest than before. I have always been a passive/pushover and I've actually been speaking up and being upfront about how people are making me feel. He said he doesn't know if it's pregnancy related or not, but loves it. Says he's got a few other people I should voice my thoughts too..but idk, haha

Last time you cried over something ridiculous was: Hey! I resent this question, hahaha. Nothing I cry over is ridiculous, :P...ok the last time I cried (just a misty teary eyed thing) was when I told my 2 year old I loved him SO big, he responded "and I love you SO little"... it was a mix of aww how cute he knew the opposite and damn he only loves me a little??? ahahahaha yeah I'm a sap

You pee an estimated __ times a day?: uhh a lot, lol. I have only gotten up middle of the night a few times though...seems to be happening more and more.

Weirdest dream you've had since pregnant?: I haven't had any "weird" dreams this pregnancy

Will you breast feed: I doubt it

What are you looking forward to: Seeing her, holding her, and I think most of all I can not wait to see how the other two kids respond to her.

What are you not looking forward to: The spinal. The staples. The post pardum bleeding. All the meds the send you home with and you have to remember to take which one at what time. UGh

Words of wisdom: Savor every moment. Even the ones that may not seem so enjoyable. This is over so quickly and you will look back at this and say "remember when".

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

28 Weeks 2 Days

So, had another checkup. It was with the midwife.
Basic stuff, urine check (went fine), BP check (120/76=good), weight check (no idea, lol). I asked at the end how much I have gained thus far cuz I barely pay any attention and was told I have gained a total of 15lbs. Not bad IMO, and less than I was assuming, lol.
I'm measuring right on track and her heart rate was 122bpm. Her HR has always been on the low end and she's not very active but we are keeping an eye on it. The "hope" and "theory" is that since u/s all look normal, we can't catch it super great on dopler and I dont feel her as often is all because of my anterior placenta. (lining my belly acting as a cushion instead of my spine. no biggie, just an annoyance, lol)
And here comes the kicker: I have to go back in 2 WEEKS!! Omg, I'm already to that stage?? That means I'm in my 3rd trimester! Holy moly that as fast. Also I had to schedule that appointment (which will take place on the 30th of Jan) with the OB because they want to start talking surgery scheduling! Wow, lil Peep is going to be here in like 11 weeks!! (they hope to schedule her a week early)
I'll keep you readers updated! This is getting fun!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

U/S Number 3 @ 25weeks/5days

So I had my ultrasound to check on her heart. (they couldn't find certain valves/chambers last time due to her being so tiny and not cooperating)
Tech said she saw everything she needed and missed last time and from what she could see, everything looked great!
I got 9 photos and we reconfirmed that she is still a girl, LOL. Baby Peep is now weighing in at approximately 2 pounds!!

Glucose Update and More

And the results are in....
My glucose level was perfect!! I scored a very nice 95 on my sugar levels. I'm so happy about that, cuz I'm sure y'all realized I was worried.
But then came some fun news. Turns out my hemoglobin level is not up to par. My body isn't making enough red blood cells to give me the hemoglobin I need to hold onto iron. SO I'm not just low in the iron, making me a simple Iron deficient anemic, I am low in red blood cells. Fun times, huh? Now I get to take some lovely new meds 3x a day for a month to help stimulate cell growth AND hope to get iron sticking to them.
Wish me luck!! (I don't wanna do the whole transfusion/hospital stays which is where we'll be if the pills don't work)
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