Thursday, June 30, 2011

May/June 2011 cycle stats

ok, just a little update to get you up to speed. Oh and by "you" I mean my imaginary reader that is just SO interested in this journey, ha ha
oh here is a quick rundown of the letters I may use throughout this blog
CD=cycle day. most people have a 28 day cycle, I am 27-28 days. The first day you see RED on toilet paper(tp) is CD1
DTD=sex (do the deed) also BD(baby dance)
LMP=last menstrual period's CD1
O=ovulate, ovulation
HPT=home pregnancy test
BFN/BFP=big fat negative/positive
ATTC=actively trying to conceive (or ttc=trying to conceive)
IB= implantation bleeding
ok, I think that's the most common, if more pop up, I'll let you know what I mean

Now onto my cycles!

CD1: may 7th
weirdo spotting: may27, only lasted 2 potty trips and was a tiny bit of pink on tp
HPTs: 1/2 line on may 28th (??), BFN on may 29th
CD1: June 3rd (but way lighter and shorter than normal for me)
HPT: BFN June 27th

ok, so now you are somewhat caught up. I haven't tracked O dates or anything because I am not ""ATTC" but I am not preventing either, so know how that can go, haha.

I had been feeling so "off", for lack of a better word, since my spotting on May27th. and everyone kept telling me (my online buddies) that it sounded like IB. So that got me curious, hence the 28th test. Then that test showed a faint second line, and I was thinking...ok dud test or the start of something. So I tested next day and total BFN. So I tried to shake it off, chalk it up to stress or whatever, but I still felt "off". 
June 3rd rolls around and poof, here comes AF. She is lighter than normal and shorter, but again, stress can mess with your cycle right? And I'm getting older (29) so maybe my cycles are shifting around. I talk to my online buddies once again since they know a lot more than I do, and they are convinced it's decidual bleeding, so again it peeked my curiosity and I get another test. This test (june27) I am gonna call BFN but it was actually kinda wonky. Not even the control line was dark. Also, that very day I felt better. Like me again. Exactly one month after my weirdness began. My sensitive nipples were better, my boobs suddenly felt like they deflated a little (they had felt so swollen and hard) etc. The only thing that stuck around was being tired.
So, do i think I am pregnant right now? NO, just think my body wanted to be evil for a couple cycles. I am due today or tomorrow and we'll see when AF shows her ugly face.
btw, still have friends thinking otherwise...hahha Hope I don't pop up on TLC's I didn't know I was pregnant!!!

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