Sunday, March 11, 2012

35 week Checkup

Todays visit: (yeah due to BP I got a bonus visit)
35 weeks 1 day:
I assumed we'd do a quick BP check, sign consent form for surgery and leave...nope.
weight check: up a pound since last week. (yes I still love food, lol)
urine: white blood cells AGAIN meaning there is pain in my body somewhere we need to address. He is "thinking" simple UTI but I have no other symptoms of one, but I do have this weird burning deal (not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but he said he doesn't sound like a UTI)he said he'll give me a script for antibiotics and it'll help with whatever it may be, including IF it is a UTI
BP: no idea, him and Jodie (nurse) were blabbering so fast it made my head spin. He instantly ordered blood work. 3 freaking tubes, AND a 24 hour pee-catch. Yep, he thinks I have Pre-E, which is a HUGE fear of mine. I'm mad, pissed actually. I have to start it after my morning pee tomorrow, and then continue it until my morning Wed pee and bring it that morning. Yeah I have to keep a huge jug of freaking PEE in my fridge, that's just nasty. I asked for a bio-hazard bag to keep it in.
On the plus side, Sebastian found the part I put in the toilet and he rocks it as a hat!

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