Sunday, March 11, 2012

34 Week Checkup

ok, 34 week checkup sucked. Good stuff first. My happy non-stop eating self only gained 2lbs. woot, I was shocked. I am 34weeks 2days and belly is measuring 33, so another woot!! Also her HR was 152bpm, so that was fabu as well!! Looked like it was going to be a great visit. but no.
 BP time:
154/95... damn it!! Sara was not happy. She wanted to draw blood and have me tested for preE, but wanted to try to "calm me down" first. So she had me laying on my side, taking deep breaths, etc and rechecked it. I don't know what it was cuz we got to chatting, as usual. But she said it was ok, still high but not enough to require and emergency blood draw. She checked my face/ankles/feet/hands for swelling and there was none, which is great news. I have things to look for now. Also I have to come back next week for a BP check and to talk to my OB. He was out today so no scheduling, (drat) There was talk about shots to speed up lung development and stuff in case BP doesn't stay stable and the only cure is to deliver baby, but we would needs lungs to be OK. Our goal is to keep her in these next 5 weeks though!!

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