Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 1, 11 BFN

My good friend decided she was going to send me 3 HPTs. I don't know if she convinced herself I was pregnant or if she just wanted someone to join her as an expecting again mommy. Well, I received these test in the mail today. I had already gone pee a couple times so I would have to wait until tomorrow right? Well NO, haha. As a true POASaholic (that's pee on a stick btw) I had to try NOW. Of course it was negative.
Actually I consider this one kinda humorous. I had never had to pee in a cup and dip a strip before. Well I sat it in the cup and started daydreaming. Next thing I know, the control line is blaring me in the face and it's STILL IN THE URINE, hahahahaah oh my goodness. So I lay it down and it's still neg and after soaking it still didn't pick up any hCG hhahahaha (hCG is the hormone only pregnant people can produce which makes a false positive test next to impossible) So yeah, I'm not pregnant...but I will pee on another one if AF isn't here yet in the morning. (today is cycle day 28 and I'm a 27-28dayer, so where is she anyway???)
Oh and because it's fun, I "tweaked the test". This is where you take a pic and use editing software to see if you can find a hidden pink line. All I see is the clearer than clear indent line of where the pink WOULD be had I actually was pregnant.

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