Tuesday, October 18, 2011

15 week update

So I guess it's time for an update right? haha.
Best update is I felt Peep move for the first time, for sure at 14 weeks. I had been feeling lil light flutters/bubble popping for a little while, but refused to trust that. It still seems WAY too early in my opinion. After I got a call from my doctor telling me about my blood work and PAP (everything was perfect! WOOT!!) I asked her. She said that was totally baby!! This made me ridiculously excited.
M/S is gone. Appetite is here and strong! I love food and it loves me right back. I am still extra tired, but whatever. As a pregnant mom that still has hubby, house, toddler, and another child to care for, I expect tired to be a daily battle.
My boobs are getting heavier. Typical of pregnancy, but not typical for me already at this stage. Maybe Peep is telling me Breast is Best! (oh by the way, I applaud breast feeders, but have never tried it myself. I can't explain it, I just never could. I joked that maybe I'll try pumping with this one.... we'll see)
My next appointment is Oct 27th, so I'll update again and let y'all know how it goes!!
Thanks for continuing this journey with me!!

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