Friday, October 28, 2011

16 weeks 4 days

So I just went for my checkup. BP was good, urine was good. I honestly don't know about weight gain. She typed it into her computer and before I had a chance to ask about how much I gained we ventured off topic. If I saw the scale right though (as her quick fingers slide the bars across) I am *thinking* I am up 6-8 lbs thus far. Not 100% though
She offered me the Quad Screening blood test, and I declined it. I am going to be seeing a genetic counselor soon so if they decide I need to do it, I will.
Dr checked the HB and found it pretty fast this time! YAY!! He said that Peep was "fun" trying to catch and already doing flips, ha ha. HB was 134BPM, so for that old wives tales it's a BOY, haha. (btw I redid the baking soda thing and it still says Girl)
I am anxious to know for sure. Just a few more weeks!!
Dr said everything looks great and he'll see me back on Nov 22nd for my next checkup. Woot!!
Super simple visit.

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