Monday, February 27, 2012

32 Week Check UP

Ok, sorry this is late. I have really sucked at keeping up here. ugh, sorry and hope y'all are still reading, :)
weight gain...uh YEAH, lol. But she said I looked perfect and still well within the range they want me in so la-te-da.. (I think I'm up like 4more lbs this 2weeks??)
BP was way high for me, even borderline/high for most, so they arent' happy. It was 130(something?) over 90...yeah no beuno
heartbeat was hard to detect, mainly cuz she's been a footling breech and now she's head down, almost engaged or something. BUT they kept the Doppler on me forever cuz even while she moved, they couldn't get her HR above the 120 mark. They said that is the lowest they'll accept to, sooooo
with the decreased fetal movement I'm describing, plus my BP, plus my Charley horses AND her baseline HR..I get to go back tomorrow for a NST..ahh good times, not
I also scheduled my next visit in 2 weeks.

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