Monday, February 27, 2012

NST: NonStressTest

NST RESULTS: (before hand, I had my coffee, and was snacking on Andes Mints in the car, hoping to get her mojo going)

First of all, the nurse had me lay in a HUGE fluffy/velvety recliner, so comfy. Then she didn't strap anything to me. I had to hold the monitor the whole that weird? Seemed weird to me.
When she first put it on, Peep was nice and energetic and moving a lot. She even did a complete roll and I had to relocate her HB again. Then she was decently still, with a few subtle kicks and stuff here and there.
Results were baseline at 120-128..when she moved it'd only move up to like 133ish. During the 1st 10minutes, we had 5 good bumps in the chart, but one decel. When she rolled, her HR shot up to 176 and then dropped to 57 for about 5 seconds. Then she gradually went back up to her baseline. Once she evened back out, the next 10minutes we got 2 good bumps, but they were minor. Sara said she'd like to see better, and didn't like how long it took her to recover from her decel simply from rolling.
Apparently, she overexerts herself very easily and I am on must do kick counts everyday now. (before it was just if I was worried)
She said she'll wait and see how my counts go until my next appointment (have to write/chart them) and based on that we will see if I need another NST
oh and she said "good thing you're already planning a c-section cuz I'm not sure she'd do well with the stress of pushing"..


  1. Silly baby already being stressful before she's even born! Hope all goes well with the kick counts!

    1. Aw thanks!! Yeah just like a girl to be all drama-filled huh? LOL
      Hope all is going well with you!


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