Friday, September 9, 2011

U/S and (Maybe) new Due Date?

So today I had my first ultrasound. I will say I was a bit nervous because it was supposed to be a vaginal type deal. Ugh, ha ha. But I was still looking forward to seeing my little Peep and hearing the heart beat.
The visit was annoying at the beginning because everyone was running late. Office opens at 8am. Receptionist got there at 8:25am to unlock the door, which left me and one other family waiting in the hall. Their appointment was 8:15 and mine was 8:30. Well the u/s tech was late too. She didn't even get there until 5minutes until 9am. Nice, huh? It was frustrating, but truthfully I didn't have any other real plans so it didn't hold me up or anything. MY only annoyance was I was on time, woke up my sleeping toddler early AND had to have my MIL put my DD on the bus. I could have held out that extra 15minutes and put her on the bus myself, ya know? But alas I was diligent about being on time or early to my appointment. Ah, oh wells. I don't know the techs story or the receptionist so I can't be angry. Just slightly frustrated, haha.
So I get in there and she says "ok, hop on the table" I beamed! No comments about undressing from waist down?? Just hop on the table? Woot!! So she had me slide my jeans to my hips and raise my top. Then she put the "Jelly on my Belly" and instantly Peep was on the screen! It was incredible and made everything so REAL. I know it's real, but seeing the baby is just like "wow!"
So Peep is measuring a bit off from my EDD from the dr. He thinks 4/10/11 and u/s tech says 4/2/11. We aren't sure if Dr will change my due date or not, but thinking at this point he will. If he does, then you add my scheduled C-Section on top of that and I just may get me a March baby!
Oh and I got 9photos, but I'll only put one on here, haha. (Don't think you'd be to interested in seeing my ovaries or the yolk sak, hahah. )
This one is my fav cuz you see baby and HB (which was 154bpm)


  1. Maybe we'll have them around the same time then! I am due March 28!! What a wonderful picture. :o) I have an apt tomorrow, I can't wait to hear that heart beat again.

  2. I wonder if there's something about April babies and multiple due dates. My April '08 baby had so many "official dates" I can't even remember them all now. We knew she'd be born in April. Earliest date was April 4 and the latest official date was the 18th (there was also our calculation, before we knew that 40 weeks is really 38 weeks, of April 25th). The final due date was the 13th; she was born on the 12th, so it must have been a good one.


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