Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gender Guessing Games

So I have been playing some gender guessing games. I find them quite amusing and clearly for fun only. I would never reply on something like this.
The first one I did was based on heart rate. Since I have now seen and heard Peep's heart rate, I could finally see what "theory" says about it. I used this site here to check. I did both my LMP due date and my new u/s due date and got the same result.
The next thing I did was a Baking Soda guess. You put one teaspoon of baking soda into a cup, pee into another cup and pour your urine into the 1st cup about half way full. If it fizzes a lot, you are carrying a boy and if it stays flat or only sizzles slightly, then that lil bun is female. My result:GIRL
The third game I did was a Chinese Calendar guess, which you can find by clicking here. My result on this one was:GIRL
I will do the top one again later because it's suggested to wait a while due to baby's HR speeding up a lot at this point in the pregnancy and the results aren't as accurate. I may do the baking soda again just cuz,  ha ha. As for the Chinese Calender thing. I checked with Sebastian's info and it was wrong, said he would be a girl too. Uhhh nope, haha.
oh well, they are only for fun.
If you have done any of these, were they right for you? (after all, they have a 50/50 shot, right? ha ha)

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  1. Every single thing was wrong for us. Two of my three kidlets were "team green" babies. That was a lot of fun. With my older daughter (the April '08 baby I mentioned in another comment), we had a pool for people to choose boy or girl and which day she'd be born on. One of my friends won $240!


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