Sunday, December 4, 2011

Anatomy Scan/Gender Reveal

Sooo, the lovely time has come for me to share my super exciting news. Peep's GENDER!!! Eeek, this has taken too long and I'm SO glad it's finally here!!!

So how many of you guessed it??? Did you follow the gender games I played? Baking soda was right!! This lil darling has been named but we are keeping it hush for now. It's so insanely popular already, which is weird for me. I usually don't want anything in the top 50 at least, but this name is something Hubby and I both adored so... yeah, UBER popular name...oh well.

Here is how I told my oldest:

and here are a few pics of Peep!!

ok, loads of pics, :) Can't help it, it's exciting time!! They gave me tons
I shared the news with my family at my Nieces Senior dinner. I put "it's a girl" on a onesie and had my niece open it. It was VERY well received by all. Especially my sister. She had been praying for another girl in the family

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