Wednesday, December 21, 2011

24 weeks 2 Days Pregnant...

So today was appointment day. It was loads of fun too..not, haha. The dreaded glucose test. UGH.
I failed my 1hr test w/my last pregnancy, but passed the 3 hour. I really hope I don't have to take the 3 hour one again. It's no fun fasting for 12 hours before your appointment, getting blood drawn, then having it drawn again every hr for another 3 hours, for a total of 4. WITHOUT getting to eat..oh wait, you do get a lovely sugary syrup concoction. Ew. It's 100 glucose inside the same size bottle as the 1 hour's 50 level. Just not good at all.
So, how it works for the one hour. I got my syrup at my last meeting. I had to keep it in the fridge until morning of next appointment. Drink it all within a  5 minute window 1/2 hr before appointment time, and then nothing in your mouth (no gum, water, NOTHING) for an hour. Then by the time you get to your appointment, they will get all set up for you and draw your blood.
My midwife was not there cuz a patient had gone into labor this morning, causing the appointments to be a little bit crazed. I finally asked at 11:30 (I had drank the Glucose at 10:28) if I could go pee, (I was also trying to hint that I was still in the waiting room and needed my blood drawn..kinda like a "hey! I'm here" type thing, haha) Well it worked, and the nurse (new lady I'd never seen) goes "Oh! Yes, here's a cup and then go straight to the lab" so I did.
She poked my arm and no blood. Dug the needle deeper (ouch) and barely a trickle. Then she starts moving the needle around while it was still in my arm. (Uh..OUCH) and my VEIN made an air escaping noise!! What the F$#%?? (you know the sound when you open a can of pop?? yeah that noise) It startled her too, you could tell and she took a deep breath pushed a bit harder, so blood started oozing all around the needle and down my arm. Finally I was like "yeah this is new". She looks down and goes, "ok" and cleans my arm off and threw the partially filled tube into the bio hazard box.
Thankfully, Sara (midwife) walks by. Nurse calls out, "hey Sara, you wanna draw her? I think I'm making her nervous" (huh? I think you are just freaking clueless lady, I was quite amused by you actually) Sara comes in and says, "sure" (by this point I'm a good 10minutes late on getting my blood work) Anyhoo, Sara does my other arm and poof, done in no time and no pain! Oi that nurse!
So next I go get weighed, but am so flabbergasted at the blood ordeal, my old weight flew out of my head, so I have no idea what I have gained. Next she tried to get my BP and said "uhhh we'll ask Sara I couldn't hear it" OMG lady! Seriously? She needs to leave the office, like really.
I go to exam room, listen to HB (ranged 140-147) and talk to Sara about various things, including how she is liking the new building (she just bought a new location and is proudly her own private practice now) She said everything sounds great, and she will call me with my blood results by Monday.
(so in the meantime I am gong to enjoy food!!)
oh, no one ever did my BP, we got chatting and forgot. Oops.
Next appointment Dec 30th for u/s to see Peep's heart.

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