Sunday, January 1, 2012

Glucose Update and More

And the results are in....
My glucose level was perfect!! I scored a very nice 95 on my sugar levels. I'm so happy about that, cuz I'm sure y'all realized I was worried.
But then came some fun news. Turns out my hemoglobin level is not up to par. My body isn't making enough red blood cells to give me the hemoglobin I need to hold onto iron. SO I'm not just low in the iron, making me a simple Iron deficient anemic, I am low in red blood cells. Fun times, huh? Now I get to take some lovely new meds 3x a day for a month to help stimulate cell growth AND hope to get iron sticking to them.
Wish me luck!! (I don't wanna do the whole transfusion/hospital stays which is where we'll be if the pills don't work)

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