Tuesday, January 31, 2012

30 Week CheckUp

Today was very basic.
weight check (up 2more lbs, haha), urine is fine, Bp is 124/80 (lil high for me, but ok) and I was approved Prilosec for my never ending heartburn. He told me to give it a week and then we'll revisit the issue if it doesn't ease up. I'm measuring great and on schedule. Heard her HB but it didn't tell me BPM.
He looked for her HB at my belly button at first and didn't find it. The he gave a "look" and put the Doppler by my ribs and found it. DR smiled and said "yeah thought so, she's upside down" He felt around for her position and declared her to be head in ribs, feet toward my private. Ahh good times, haha. Other than that everything is what it should be and I'll be back in 2 weeks.
*as for scheduling my surgery, the hospital said they would rather wait and do that around 34 weeks*

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