Friday, May 4, 2012

36 Week Checkup

36week Checkup
weight not sure, but huge, lol
BP I wanna say was 147/88, but I was looking at the baby wall and not paying attention, didn't want to feel stupid and ask her to repeat it again, lol
HR was 130.
urine dip was negative. Negative for what? I have no clue just heard Jody rambling my stats to him
Today was my 1st cervical check this pregnancy sad face, I don't like those. He said I'm like a fingertip so woot! I do NOT want to dilate early and a fingertip is like nothing. He said he still isn't happy with my BP and how her heart decels when my BP goes up, so I'm being brought back in on Friday for another NST, and then he said next week, he thinks he's gong to have me come in Mon for 37 week OB visit, tues for NST and again friday for NST. He said if my BP doesn't look good this next visit I will probably start meds. Good thing is I only have 3 weeks left so it'll be a short lived medicine.
so thats my checkup info

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