Friday, May 4, 2012

37 week checkup

37week checkup
Urine: still some white blood cells
BP: awesome! (well considering, lol) 128/88!! yeah buddy!
weight: exact same, no gain (weird cuz i adore my food..mainly crap too)
Dilation: "roomy fingertip" that :P
HR: 125 bpm

DR said the back pain sounds I've been having is like my body trying to prep for contractions. He said "so don't let it" jokingly. (like I have control over that, lol) Then he guessed that Peep is about 6 1/2 lbs. He said he is like 98%sure she will be 7-7 1/2lbs at birth. He goes, "no doubt she'll be your smallest, I just couldnt see her reaching 8 lbs. I am going to bet 7 and a quarter."
A quarter?? lmao who says that?
All in all, looking good and I'll be back tomorrow for my NST

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