Friday, May 4, 2012

NST: again

took an hour and a half!!! ?? So apparently the "deal" is you have to have 20minutes of complete line (no breaks) and have 2 ecels during that time. Well no watch/phone/clock and I was on there what I thought to be at least 20 minutes. There were no breaks, but a couple tiny decels. THEN she began kicking it off her. Took 4 different people coming in and repositioning me and trying to locate a good enough spot where she would stay put. after forever I finally asked if we got enough at the beginning, and they said No. Said she must have been sleeping or something cuz there were no eccels. She wasn't asleep unless she's active when she sleeps cuz i felt her the whole time.
Her HR was all over the place and we couldn't even get a baseline for a 10minute interval. Sara said she was about to send me to the hospital to be do a more involved monitoring. Told me she'd try one more time. It worked (thank goodness!!!)
Got a 10minute interval with 3 minor eccels, but since I'm due back Friday, they said they would let me go. OMG stressful!!

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