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Party of 5

April 2, 2012
When I woke up this morning I was a mother to two amazing children. I knew that in a matter of hours that would change. My daughter wouldn't be the only girl anymore. My son would no longer be "The Baby". This photo was taken in the waiting room of the hospital. I had asked my mom to watched them until I was out of surgery.

I checked into the hospital at noon. My surgery wasn't set to start until 2:30. I had prepped my mom for a long wait. I was about to have a scheduled c-section and could be bumped if need be.
The first thing you do is dress into a snazzy hospital gown. I have some friends that chose to pack their own. I didn't. Honestly I don't see the point. It's going to get gross and I was alone really, so no need, ya know? After you are dressed you do the IV(and they go ahead and swipe some blood, just in case they come across a need for it) and an exam. You lay in your bed, they put monitors around your stomach to check HR and Contraction level. (surprisingly I was having mild to moderate ones, but was unaware..) Then the exam begins. Holy Moly, this lady asked me everything you could fathom. It took over an hour for her to question me.
Pre-Op Room
Next the anesthesiologist comes in and chats with you. He explains everything that will go on and answer any questions. This was my 2nd time doing this, so I pretty much knew. But he was super sweet and we chatted for a while.
Then the nurse came back and said my doctor is already there and wants to know if I mind going into surgery a little early. No way!! Let's get this show on the road. I was anxious to have my baby girl and go home, haha.
So, she gave me some special wipes and I had to go to the bathroom and wipe from boob to knee with them on the front of my body. What comes next you ask? Well then it gets personal. I had to lay down and she shaved me!! Oh yeah, you want a baby? You must check any form of modesty at the door. I'll be honest. I did let things get a little hairy (pun intended) cause after a while grooming becomes difficult and well, I didn't really care in the last couple weeks. After my trim, I get treated to some alka seltzer. It is supposed to be for your stomach acids and blah blah blah. Whatever, just drink it fast. It is nasty.
Before I knew it we were on our way to the OR and leaving hubby. He was with me up until this point. they have hubby (or whoever you take) dress up all nice in some scrubs while you get prepped .
Hubby waiting to be called in
 I will be the first to admit. I was terrified of the spinal. I have had a horrid epidural experience and lumbar punctures all throughout my teens, and a previous c-section, but still. I HATE back stuff. I was nervous, but they talk you through it and it goes fast.
I had to sit up, hunch over like a cat into the arms of a nurse. First comes the cleaning solution wipe down (Iodine), and then you get stuck with the numbing med. This is just a local and numbs the area for your spinal. If you are normal, you will get one shot at this point. I, however, have to be a freak and require three shots. All my back issues have led to a higher tolerance and I would still feel the surgery with one shot. Lucky me, huh?
After the spinal, they have you lay back on the table. There are more blue and green scrubs in the room you dare to count. Some start putting the lovely blue curtain in front of you. One goes out and gets hubby. You hear them calling out numbers, counting up to 15 a few times. (No idea what that is about. Counting the tools maybe?)
Delivery my baby!!
Waiting impatiently :)
 Then you hear crying. It is THAT FAST. I think my surgery took 5minutes. No joke. Sewing me takes longer, of course. But my dr is actually called "lightening" because he is wicked fast. I don't know if he's fast or not, though since I've only had him deliver my kids. I get a super quick peep over the blue curtain before the whisk her away.
Fist time I saw my baby

 I craned my neck to watch as they clean her up and bring her over so I can get a better look. I ask if she's ok, and they tell me she's beautiful and perfect. I know that means healthy in Dr terms, so I just cry in happiness. I can not believe I am lucky enough to have another daughter. And medically speaking or not. She is beautiful and she is perfect!
Sophia entered the world on 4/2/12 at 2:22pm
She weighed 7lbs even and was 20" Long


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