Friday, May 4, 2012


so this was scheduled at 10:30... I was back in the car by noon!! so much for a 20 minute visit.
So I go back and do my 20minute thing and DR came in, checked it and said "no, She's not active enough. Too many decels, let's stay on a little longer." so I did...I stayed a bit over an HOUR on there before I got my raises they wanted. Some Med student or whoever she was came in, checked in and said I had 3 accelerations in the past 10minutes, so I could stop. I was confused cuz I had watched the monitor the whole time, and yes I did have those 3, but what about the decels and the other 50 minutes of basically baseline (outside a couple dips). ?
I chalked it up to them being the med pro's and moved on. They also wanted to do a urine dip and BP check. Not sure what my numbers were on that though, but she said "ok, that a bit better. Maybe you need to just be able to lay in a dimly lit room and relax. So good for your BP"
(uhhh yeah right, I wish!! My life is way too stressful right now)
So we got my next weeks stuff scheduled and I left.

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