Sunday, August 28, 2011

8weeks + Love for my sister

Ok so I can pretty much sum up how I feel on a timeline. It's getting pretty reliable, unfortunately.
6am-3pm: Sluggish, nauseous, and irritable. All around blah (yes, that is a medical term, LOL)
3pm-5pm: Starting to feel human
5pm-9pm: Human, just tired, random cramping/headache whatever
9pm-5am: my best time. I feel more awake. (which is unfortunate considering this is sleepy time) heartburn may kick in now, but it's tolerable for the most part.

Now, time to spread some love to my sister. (She is older by 6 years, btw)
I have been feeling quite depressed due to how people have been responding to my pregnancy. I am really trying hard to shake it off but it's difficult. Hubby and I are thrilled and that is all that should matter right? Well, pathetically, I have been letting other things get me depressed. I am still working on that.
She came over the other day and we talked all afternoon into early evening. She kept mentioning Peep. She kept asking questions and being excited. It was so thrilling for me. Outside comments here and there with either my oldest daughter or hubby, I really don't have anyone I can chat with. This is very exciting so it was nice to have another female adult share my joy.
We even discussed names. My girl options are set, but goodness me I can not come up with a boy name for nothing! ha ha. Good thing I still have a while!

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