Friday, August 5, 2011

Sharing the News

Telling Daddy
So I don't think hubby has still fully processed this and I can not tell you his feelings.
I have been showing the tests since the 1st one. he has gone through this entire process with me. He doesnt like how faint the lines are. The clinic confirmation has helped him and he says he is really happy, but he is acting different than with the other kids. BUT they were comletely planned to. I don't know, maybe I am reaing to much into it. He told me he's happy, so I will have to believe him

Telling Skylar:
I wanted to think of a cute way, but I couldnt hold out long enough. I simply handed her my test and let her read it. lol. She was beyond thrilled and knew what it meant instantly. Simple way to tell her but it was great. It was one on one, just me and her and we chatted and I answered any concerns or questions. It was really special and it's moments like this when I can not believe how mature she is.

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