Friday, August 5, 2011

Letting Everyone Know!

So I made a shirt for Sebastian and had him enter the Grandparents kitchen. It said "Big Brother" on it. It took them forever to figure it out. I had to tell them. My mom already knew. She had been one of the people convincing me I was pregnant, haha
So MIL mustered up a hug after a few minutes and FIL has still yet to say anything really positive about the whole thing.  I am hoping it is still processing cuz he is my favorite and I don't want to upset him, but I am thrilled!

While we were out, I stopped by my sister's house and let them see his shirt. They all got it instantly and were so excited about it. I loved their reaction, so sweet!!

oh and here is how I shared the news on my other blogClick Me!!
and then I simply added that link to my FB page. I had ONE person from Facebook to read it. Shows who really reads my FB status, which is a bit upsetting cuz I see people online that I consider good friends and nothing. No comment, phone call, etc. Oh well, their loss!

OH and Baby was nicknamed Poppy because that is the size of baby when I found out. A tiny Poppyseed. Name is now Peep, because baby is due on Easter.

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