Friday, August 5, 2011

First Reactions/4 weeks

So I have completed accepted that I am pregnant. I am so excited I could scream, but I won't just yet, LOL. I am waiting until I get it verified. I have told 2 friends.
 T was so completely excited for me and talked with me for 2 days about my tests, the vanishing aspect, everything. She had a bunch of questions and completely seemed over the moon. It was a wonderful reaction and made me very happy. She helped ease a lot of my fears and concerns. We even named this baby together lol. So considering baby is the size of a Poppy seed, the name is Poppy. T and I couldn't be more happier about Poppy!!
I also told my friend H. Her reaction was more subdued. She offered a polite "congratulations" and asked me who all knew. I said, "just us, T, and hubby" she said "oh" and that was that. Our convo's topic was changed. I tried to bring it back and asked what she thought and she said "I'm excited" and changed topic again. Truthfully I did expect more of a reaction like T gave, but it is what it is. Not everyone is going to be as Neurotic as T and I, hahaa.
Tomorrow I am planning on going to Dr and have it confirmed by a pro. I still have a HPT left so I will take that too, lol. I like watching my line grow darker each day. It's nice.
So, Poppy is 4 weeks and considered an embryo at this point and looks like this

Isn't Poppy going to be gorgeous??

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