Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So today I had to go to another DR. Apparently the 1st one I went to wasn't good enough to verify my pregnancy. Nice huh? My OB cost $175 to verify pregnancy. I preferred to skip that step if possible, so I went to a clinic for verification. Not good enough.
So today I went to another clinic and took a test. Holy Moly am I pregnant! Oh my! The lady was all "now it could take 5minutes for the results to show and even the faintest line is still positive" as she is dripping the urine drops into the test well. I looked down and gasped. The test line was dark before the control line is showed. Then in about 15-20 seconds the control line appeared. My test line was still darker. It was cute. The lady was so excited and adorable. She is all "Oh hun, you are SO pregnant! I have never seen a test this dark, " etc etc.
And then she prayed with me and Peep. And for our family. I don't know why, but I was so beyond moved today. Now, I believe in God but do not consider my self to hold an actual title. I'm not "christian" or "catholic" or whatever. I have never found my box I completely fit into. But I think I want to now more than ever.
I went to this location for verification for both of my other children. I have had them pray over me and my family both times. (This is a Christian organization), and now I had that for Peep.
For some reason I felt this was meant to be. I was meant to be denied by my OB for having a different clinic's paper. I was meant to go back here. Peep didn't have his or her prayer yet. I feel things will start looking up now. This experience today gave me a whole different outlook on life and I needed this. God really does show up when you need Him most. It's time I REALLY realize that.

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